Our Process

Envoy Source, Customer-Focused

Our Process

Process-Driven, Customer-Focused

High-value inventory demands white-glove packaging, enhanced security, quality control, and tight deadlines. Envoy Source manages the most critical electronics contract packaging, fulfillment, and logistics projects through our process-driven, customer-centric approach.

Our dedication to customer service sets us apart in the industry. We approach each step of your project as a working partnership.

Step 1


We build an extensive profile of your business, products, and goals. We will visit facilities, analyze your production process, and meet your team as needed. If you have a current logistic provider, we want to learn how we can improve your experience. Importantly, we establish an understanding of your operations and build a scope of the work to be performed.

Envoy Source Discovery

Step 2

Solution Design

We design a custom solution from our discovery data to streamline your logistics at the best possible cost. Leveraging our industry knowledge and experience, we take a holistic approach to find the most efficient route to get your products into your customer’s hands. Our solution will determine resources needed on the line, what kind of automation, and how to maximize security and quality control.

Envoy Source Solution Design

Step 3


Going into production is more than filling boxes. A logistics system is a dynamic process that requires ongoing training, monitoring, evaluation, and adjustments. We implement all the logistical functions involved, including warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, returns, raw material handling, shipping, and inventory management.

Envoy Source: Design

Step 4

Continuous Improvement

In a fluid and rapidly changing market environment, we help you anticipate change and develop strategies to adapt to those changes. Through continuous improvement, we ensure the system is effective and efficient, delivers on your goals, and responds to changes in the distribution supply chain.

Envoy Source Continuous Improvement


Bottom Line

With Envoy source as your strategic partner, we can help you develop the most cost-effective supply chain solution. We can help you uncover hidden logistics costs and execute an end-to-end solution that’s faster, less costly, and more efficient than you can build on your own.

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