Enterprise Technology

Deployment, Upgrades & Support

Envoy Source manages, maintains, and deploys enterprise-wide technology in the retail POS, automotive, grocery, hospitality, healthcare, and restaurant industries. 

For new technology deployments, software upgrades, staging & configuration, and life-cycle maintenance, Envoy Source leverages its proven line processes and quality assurance to extend technology asset life and reduce overall cost.

Deployment, Installation, and Integration

Keeping technology up to date

Outdated hardware and software diminish consumer engagement and reduce economic performance. Careful planning and project management ensure that every implementation – single-site or enterprise-wide – is on schedule and within budget.

Aligning the right resources for the job

Technology implementations don’t necessarily need expensive IT resources for company-wide deployments. Envoy Source’s skilled production-line technicians can image corporate software, flash memories, triage aging devices, and manage deployments – all at an enterprise scale. By aligning the right resources, we can implement and integrate new technologies cost-effectively with minimal disruptions.

Proven quality assurance

Each implementation is led by an experienced project manager who will work with you to establish project requirements and ensure efficiency and quality. Our project managers document and test each step to ensure a repeatable integration process. Once the process is approved, the configurations, images, and programs are staged for implementation at the Envoy Source facility.

Custom-Tailored 3PL Solutions

Reverse Logistics for Phones and Devices

Electronics and technology products experience the highest rate of return of any industry, where 20% of devices are returned. Given the short life-cycle for smartphones and tablets, the window to generate revenue from current models is short. Streamlining reverse logistics operations extends the life of your products, improves the bottom line, and enhances the customer experience.

Let Envoy Source’s process-driven approach solve your logistics needs.

Whether you need a technology deployment specialist in Memphis, TN, or a full-service 3PL provider who can streamline your supply chain nationwide, Envoy Source’s high-performing workforce and logistics technology are designed to adapt to your customized needs.

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