High-Value Electronics Packaging

3PL for high-value electronics packaging in the electronics industry

Electronics businesses rely on quick turnarounds from order to delivery, and they face daily challenges with the distribution, fulfillment, warehousing, and contract packaging of high-value products. Whether you are a global leader in mobile electronics or a specialized electronics retail business, you can benefit from Envoy Source’s innovative third-party logistics solutions based in Memphis, Tennessee. Our customized industry solutions are designed to deliver industry-leading efficiency, packaging care, and performance for your high-value electronics business.

Custom-Tailored 3PL Solutions

Electronics industry overview

The electronics industry is more than smartphones, computers, and televisions. The Consumer Electronics Market was valued at over USD 1 trillion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 8% from 2021 to 2027. 

These products are built in automated and semi-automated factories for office productivity, home entertainment, communications, and more. The product journey begins with raw materials, which become parts, are assembled (often overseas), and shipped to the States. The final mile from distribution to user can be the most challenging. Electronics logistics require a near-cleanroom environment, Lean Six Sigma manufacturing, secure storage, and close tracking of each unit until delivered.

The electronics industry is ever evolving and constantly changing to meet the needs of consumers globally. Today, many electronics companies are changing sourcing patterns. They are working to bring new products quickly to a competitive marketplace, enhancing customer service and reducing lead times. What’s more, businesses in the electronics sector are building customer-centric supply chains.

“It is a pleasure working with Envoy Source for our inventory and packaging needs. As the Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations, I have had the opportunity to work with all of the leaders at Envoy, from inventory and shipping to quality and finance. The team is hard working, highly responsive, flexible and able to turn on a dime when ad hoc emergency requests come up. They have extensive expertise in packaging configuration and utilization and are consistently focused on operational improvement. Envoy Source is exactly what you want in a third party logistics partner.”

— Charis Simms

3PL services and electronics packaging for electronics companies

A proven third-party logistics partner can help you succeed in a competitive consumer electronics marketplace. Here’s a list of Envoy Source’s electronics 3PL services:

  • High-Value Secure Packaging
  • Customized Logistics
  • Contract Packaging
  • Pick, Pack, & Ship
  • Wholesale Carton Pick
  • Item Labeling
  • Container Unloading & Cross-Docking
  • Kitting Projects
  • Amazon FBM Prep and Compliance
  • Order Fulfillment Services
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Labeling and Compliance
  • Web-Based Logistics Management
  • Discounted Carrier Rates

Delivering value in electronics packaging to electronics businesses

Envoy Source offers a seamless solution to fulfill inventory and orders through our scalable, customized 3PL services. Our dedicated customer support team, reliable e-commerce and B2B fulfillment services, and cloud-based inventory management system ensure your high-value mobile technology and consumer electronics have been picked, packed, and shipped correctly. 

We make it easy to control and manage inventory. We track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your warehouses. SKUs, descriptions, and management are a few clicks away. We create order reports and share real-time visibility to manage your business operations.

Our warehouses are designed to meet the security and quality standards needed for high-value electronics. Our warehouses are equipped to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like contract packaging and kitting in our Memphis, Tennessee logistics location.

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